Thursday, June 29, 2023

PUZZLE #0014: A Marry Occasion

DIFFICULTY: Probably the harder side of Wednesday

Hey Constant Puzzlers, back at it with a new themed puzzle, this time a "quip" inspired by a Stephen King tweet. After some further digging, I am not entirely sure if King was the first person to use it, but it's funny anyway, so I made a puzzle around it.

.pdf file | .puz file | solve online | solution and notes

Of course, reception is mixed on quip puzzles. I personally enjoy them and think of them as a fun little Wheel of Fortune-like exercise. The problem is, it's very easy for naticks to slip into them. For my peace of mind, I've had a few more people than usual test this puzzle, and I'm happy to report that they were all able to solve it without outside help. So yaaaay. That being said, some knowledge of internet culture may be necessary to solve.

Enjoy the puzzle. See you again soon. --H.A.

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