Sunday, October 8, 2023


Constant Solver:

I'm back with the Freebies, and this time I intend to deliver.

I put the Freebie on hold back in April, thinking the puzzles were not as good as they could be. Over these past few months, I've kept on playing around with words and logic, exploring what every puzzle type has to offer. I think now I'm in a good place to show what I really got.

I have plenty of ideas moving forward with the Freebie. Expect to see more of the things you won't see in most other puzzle magazines -- things such as chess analysis, various ciphers, and mathematical digressions à la Martin Gardner. Everything will still be puzzle-related, of course -- that is the point of the Freebie.

I have other plans, too, but I'll hold off on announcing those until I have more of my ducks in a row.

Anyway, onto what you all came for. Here's this week's Freebie. Enjoy some simple beginning-of-the-month puzzles, featuring a themed crossword.

See you soon. --H.A.

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