Thursday, June 15, 2023

PUZZLE #0013: -- Sorry, I Zoned Out There (Themeless #9) -- and Recs for Pride Month

Hello again, dear solvers! It's been awhile. I hope this themeless makes up for it.

I honestly don't know how I managed to pull this one off -- in addition to falling under the 72-word limit, it has two really nice 10-stacks, perhaps a record number of entries from my seed list, a nice spanner that made its way in there by happy accident, and what I think is an aesthetically-pleasing grid pattern. I hope you like.

.pdf file | .puz file | solve online | solution and notes

Also, if you're reading my blog of all things, chances are you're deep enough into crosswords to know where to find the best queer-inclusive puzzles... but just in case, I'm gonna recommend some of my own favorite LGBTQ+ indie constructors:

  • Frisco17 (Good Clues for People Who Love Bad Clues) -- Puzzles full of meme references, good music recs, and off-the-wall (and occasional P&A) clues.
  • Ariel Haymarket (Haymarket's Squares) -- Clues that lean hard-left, are full of personality, and often approach Saturday Stumper territory.
  • Spencer Leach, a.k.a. Thoron (Power Grids, Crosshare) -- Clever themes that I often kick myself for not coming up with, and the themelesses are impressively smooth, even when they're wide open.
  • Ryan McCarty (McGrids) -- Tough grids full of sparkling answers, including such things as... Well, just do the 9/18/2021 NYT.
  • Ada Nicolle (Luckystreak xwords, Patreon, Xtra Magazine) -- Every. single. grid is super-lively and full of fun Gen Z stuff.
  • Be sure to tip your constructors where possible.

    There's also Queer Qrosswords, a project spearheaded by the fabulous Nate Cardin. There are two suites out, and by donating $10 or more (plz more) to an LGBTQ+ charity of your choice, you get a pack of queer-themed puzzles constructed by some of the best.

    Incidentally, Cardin had a cryptic in the Browser this last Sunday. The puzzle is a hella-queer masterpiece (no surprise there) and is free for all. Here's the .puz file.

    See you again soon. --H.A.

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