Monday, May 8, 2023

PUZZLE #33ff: Exquisite Jazz on Jacques's Sax (and Freebie updates)

Hello again, dear solvers!

So, I think I've been burnt out lately, which is why I haven't been posting any Freebies recently. I imagine I will continue doing them at some point, but as it is I've been overall less than satisfied with my output (though I've made a few Freebie puzzles that I really liked). So right now I want to take a bit of a break and practice my art some more.

That being said, the assignment for this month's Crosshare midi contest was too good to pass up. I constructed this grid the day the prompt was posted. Without giving it away, the grid is themeless, and a bit scrabbly. The title also follows the prompt. The spanner -- which I've been trying to use as fill for a long time -- was the seed entry. Enjoy!

Note: The clue for 17-Across is different for the .puz version, due to formatting constraints.

See you again soon. --H.A.

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