Monday, March 20, 2023


So first off, to whoever is putting my Freebies on the Daily Crossword Links page -- I owe you my gratitude, and I hope to live up to the honor. So let's kick things up a notch.

This week's Japanese puzzle type was going to be my latest obsession: chained block. But they're still a new creature to me and I have no idea how to construct one worth solving. So instead, I am bringing back nurikabe -- a puzzle type that's no sweat once you wrap your head around the rule set.

This week's word puzzle is a vowelless crossword, my largest for the Freebie thus far (still a 13x13 grid, but the average word length is 5.21, so make of that what you will). For those of you viewing online, the enumerations to the full answers are on page 3 of the PDF.

this week's Freebie (pdf)

Side note: I fully intend to do a Puns & Anagrams puzzle for the Freebie in the future. Since the New York Times has removed the variety crosswords from the Games app, there is now a Puns-&-Anagrams-shaped hole in my heart, and outside of the NYT, there are not enough of these delightful puzzles. So I may as well try my hand at these. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and all that. But do expect my first attempt at a P&A puzzle to be anything but a wide-open grid.

Enjoy! Come back next Tuesday for a new Freebie. --H.A.

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