Monday, March 27, 2023


Welcome back, everyone. This week, I've tried my hand at Some Assembly Required, a puzzle type created by Patrick Berry. (Much thanks to him for green-lighting this puzzle. If you like it, he has two fantastic SAR puzzles and more over at A-Frame Games.)

Solving Some Assembly Required is similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle: one has to fit some answers into a grid in jigsaw fashion, and the answers that run across the grid make up the "finished image". In Berry's puzzles, most pieces span several squares in one row; from the viewpoint of both constructor and solver, I think this makes the solve much smoother. Not quite pulling that off as much as I had hoped, I've aimed to include plenty of approachable clues, such that you can fill in clumps of answers in the grid and work out the pieces from there. I hope you enjoy.

Additionally, this week features one (1) yajilin. While the rule set is a bit more complicated than, say, sudoku or hitori, this particular yajilin is on the easier side. I just really liked the aesthetic of the starting grid.

Freebie (pdf)

Come back next Tuesday for the first Freebie of April. Until then, happy puzzling.  --H.A.

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