Thursday, December 14, 2023

PUZZLE #0015: Salve Decem (Themeless #10) -- Also Updates Again I Guess

Constant Solver:

November was a freaking roller coaster. It started out with a serious health scare (I won't go into details) and then transitioned into holiday stress. Yay.

Ok so... I really don't know if I'm even going to attempt to continue the Freebies again, since it's been so easy for me to get overwhelmed lately. That said, I will continue posting puzzles, as time becomes available to me. I care about them too much to stop. Hopefully now I'll have more freedom to create the "big-league" puzzles that I've been wanting to focus on. I will still be producing the same content, give or take, but now instead of, say, an 11x11 Marching Bands, I'll be making standard 13x13 grids, etc.

Anyways. Below is a 70-word themeless for your perusal. It'll probably be obvious what the seed was. I've been told that, despite this not being the Newsday Stumper I hoped it would be, the clues are in fact more difficult than usual.

PDF  |  Across Lite  |  Online (Crosshare)  |  Solution and notes

Thanks to Ariel and Frisco for test-solving, and to Quiara for providing a better clue (and also for test-solving).

A happy final night of Hanukkah to my Jewish solvers, and if I don't see the rest of y'all until January, happy holidays to all of you.


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