Sunday, October 22, 2023

WEEKLY FREEBIE: 10/23/2023

Constant Solver:

I hope you enjoyed last week's crushword. Like I said last week, I constructed this one a little differently than the ones I've made for the Freebie in the past; this time around, I took some inspiration from PennyPress's Double Troubles, in which the words are typically split into their digraphs and trigraphs -- common letter combinations such as -CK-, -SH-, and -ANT-. To maximize fill possibilities, I aimed to avoid uncommon clusters of letters going into one box. With this strategy, no part of the fill felt forced.

Onto this week's offerings:

Freebie (pdf)

This week's crossword is diagramless. For the symmetry type and 1-Across placement, highlight the text after this colon: Symmetry is rotational. 1-Across starts in row one, column seven.

Enjoy! I have a real treat (no trick) for you next Monday. Be sure to drop in. --H.A.

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