Wednesday, March 1, 2023


This week's Freebie

This week's logic puzzle is a slitherlink variant called wolves and sheep -- in which you have to loop in all of the sheep in the grid, and leave all of the wolves on the outside of the loop. Since the wolves and sheep are not numerical clues, they can be touched by any number of line segments, which caused some difficulty when trying to minimize the clues.

Also this week is a special crossword in which one letter must be taken out of the answer before it's entered in the grid. Dell calls this a Downsized Crossword. It is a fun and potentially challenging variation; my only beef with Dell's version is that oftentimes -- and by that I mean "every time I've done of Dell's Downsized Crosswords" -- there are multiple valid solutions; for example, BERET crossing BEFORE at what could be either a B or an E. For the sake of satisfactory solving, I made sure that this puzzle has only one solution.

Enjoy! --H.A.

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