Sunday, February 19, 2023

PUZZLE #0011: Do I Look Like I Know What A JPEG Is??? (Themeless #8)

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What's shaking, puzzle pals? Here's a new themeless for you. The bottom right was the starting point for this one. Actually, I had built a puzzle with what I think was a fantastic upper-left stack, but upon finishing the grid and writing all the clues (isn't that how it goes?), I had noticed a whopping three rather egregious dupes in the finished product. So of course I had to abandon the effort... but I couldn't let the bottom-right stack that I had come up with go to waste. Hence this construction. Enjoy.

You'll likely be seeing the upper-left corner that I came up with in a future puzzle. The black-square layout will of course look very similar to the one in this puzzle (the aesthetics of which I quite like, actually -- it's not one I've seen before, it has a nice balance, and it's not near-impossible to fill).

Be sure to try out my entry for this month's Crosshare midi contest (and vote for me at the end of the month if you like the puzzle). The theme this week is "repeats".

Tomorrow's Freebie -- along with this last week's -- will be uploaded tomorrow. There will be a nice mini Marching Bands this week -- stay tuned.

Happy puzzling, as always! --H.A.

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