Monday, January 30, 2023

WEEKLY FREEBIES: January 16/23 and January 30

1/16 Freebie

1/30 Freebie

Sorry for the long delay in uploading last week's Freebie. I had taken a much-needed last-minute vacation. But we're back on schedule now.

This week's logic puzzle is Yajisan-Kazusan. Links to solve online: Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2

Oh, by the way, I made a midi for this week's Crosshare contest. This puzzle has some of my best clues yet, and it was a blast to construct. Solve it here -- and be sure to check out the other contenders by tapping the "midi-contest-1-23" tag!

I also recently did a collab with Ariel Haymarket, which you can find here.

See you next week with more puzzles. --H.A.

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